Help with CAPA for an IATF finding regarding inspection documentation



Some great info above.

Some additional thoughts. So I would first ensure you perform your root cause analysis - with the teams not doing the work included. You need to get down to the reasons these are being missed.

In parallel, I would evaluate the process you have in place to see if it is needed or could be more efficient as noted above aka "Work Content Reduction"

Without jumping too much into problem solving for you - I would consider (and think it may come out in your RCA) having clear responsibilities for individuals >>> When I say this, I mean you have an actual role as part of the greater role. The example we use and it is very effective, is we may have someone in charge of safety, someone in charge of workplace organization, someone in charge of quality, someone in charge of calibration, etc. Then those people have clear deliverables as part of their overall role. lesson learned: too many cooks spoil the broth; or if everyone owns it, no owns it. This can be sourced with the people that are doing this 100% of the time and even enjoy the work.

Another suggestion, is you have a specific role dedicated to the work - either by dept or overall. This may not work for your org....but, when you are looking to develop the solutions, you put all options on the table....right?

If you have other questions, let me know - I do this stuff daily.
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