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Hello Forum,
I am currently making my Master Thesis focusing on TS-3 in the modern automotive Supply Chain. I hope some of you can and will help me by answering the questionnaire generated and added? ALL remarks to the questionnaire and the project are very welcomed! If desired I can offer a summary of the results as feedback in September once the project is completed to each respondent.

The data collection is founded in a mixed method focusing on a questionnaire and expert interviews with Danish professionals in the world of ISO nationally. Focus is put on achieving equal gains from the certification amongst all parties in supply chains. In Denmark at least, there is a belief amongst lower tiers that the certification only serve the OEM's not providing gains to the component suppliers only incurring more cost to them. I believe the certification in ISO/TS 16949 is a huge challenge to many SME component manufactures, but still that it can strengthen their capabilities and processes immensely, therefore the focus is as follows;

Focus questions;
1. ?What CAPA can be formulated to offer the best approach in satisfying standard and customer specific requirements (CSR) for a beneficial outcome in the whole automotive supply chain??
2. Which business areas are impacted of implemented ISO/TS 16949:2009 certifications amongst the Danish automotive component suppliers?
3. How do CSR demands amongst lower tier (2nd, 3rd & 4th) suppliers influence improvement projects initiated by various OEM?s?
4. After the certification of a component supplier, how does additional CSR influence the organization
5. Are the ISO/TS 16949 beneficiary to the entire supply chain or does the standard namely serve OEM?s?

Questionnaires are in .xls format. If you deside to aid my research please get the document, save a copy, fill it out and return it to my Personal Message or by 'Blind' email marked ?Elsmar respondent?, if you want the results returned in summary, please note that in the e-mail.

A big Thanks in advance to all that decide to aid my research!


(P.s. I have tried to contract Marc personally to gets his blessing, but have not been able to reach him ? I sincerely hope that I don?t violate any rules of the forum in posting this.)


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Hi SGM86, :)
I already send the file to your email.
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