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Hierarchy of Quality Systems and Lab Accreditation


Cathy Ruiz


I am new to having lab responsibilities in my organization. As such, I am
getting an immersion in ISO9000, QS9000 and Lab accreditation. I am looking
for a brief
history of the evolution of ISO9000 to QS9000 and AS9000 (are there any
others lurking out there?), as well as the connection between the Quality
Systems and
accreditation such as ISO Guide 25 (A2LA) and ?????? (NADCAP). Can you
comments on these topics?

If you have received QS9000 accreditation, does that mean you also have

My understanding is that only GM now requires the A2LA accreditation. Is
there a move for the other Auto OEM's to require it? What about other
(Business Equipment, Appliances, Electrical........?)

What's happening with issues such as self certification to QS9000, AS9000 -
domestically and globally?

Any input you can provide will be most appreciated.


Cathy Ruiz


Captain Nice
Staff member
I would suggest you start out with ISOandQS.pdf (it's in the directory). The history of ISO is briefly addressed therein. QS9000 was an offshoot of ISO as an effort to better control suppliers and to reduce costs of the big 3's supplier quality assurance departments (or so it is said). The goal is to eliminate labour at the big 3, in reality, and QS is a first step to attaining that goal. But that's another story - and it's a long one.

Guide 25 has been embraced to address part of the measurement issues out there, as I understand it.

A QS9000 registration is an ISO9001 registration with an additional note on the cert which says something like "With QS9000 additions" or something. There are not enough 'registered' labs so the requirement by QS9000 has been 'postponed' for a year.

AS9000 is Boeings baby. No one else appears to be interested.

QS9000 is somewhat under attack by TR16949.

Self-certification is a discussion issue but I don't see it as a reality in the near future.

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