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Please, help me year ago I have worked like quality controller and for every control I wrote down in Xpn or XP chart the result of the technical features of the products controlled.
Now I'm working in safety department and my boss ask me to control in every plant of ours steel factory if the worker work in safety, we have safety instruction but my boss don't referred to it. He want every day at the end of the day a mail whit a report about my controls. He don't say what kind of report I have to use, he doesn't give me suggestions, and this activity isn't written in safety procedures.
In the plant we have some firefighters that working in turn day and night for chech the safety but i think that use to report the safety problem the verbal mode.
Anybody Could give any suggestions about how to write this report?
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I'm not sure I completely understand what you are asking, however, from experience in working in the steel industry, our safety team reported on items such as:

  • Near misses
  • Incidents / Events
  • First Aids
  • Lost Time Accidents

I don't believe these were reported daily - perhaps, weekly at most. But we did have the ability to indicate if there were some teams/crews that weren't performing as safely as others. This enabled us to focus our attentions on these high-risk teams/crews.


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Enybody are using attribute control chart for control the safety conformity of legal or internal requirements?

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