High-tech medical equipment to reduce medication errors



Hi there

I?ve read an article about high-tech medical equipment. Such as computing platform or portable panel PC. It seems these equipment can help us reduce medication errors.

Do we really need to update all our hospital equipment or only some parts of the hospital need the high-tech one? Cuz? the new one is quite expensive! Can anyone share me about your experiences?

Thanks :D
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I'm a newie in this field.. please don't laugh at me if I ask some stupid questions.

Wondering why some hospitals still use steel or lightweight aluminum carts. Instead, other hospitals have already replace them with plastic ones.

I found info on the page that the plastic carts are easy-clean and more durable than metal ones.

Why some hospital still use steel or aluminum carts? I think there might be something better than plastic carts.. but can u explain me that ?

Lastly, what do u think about these 3 kinds of carts?


Fully vaccinated are you?
I have no idea - That is out of my area of expertise. But one of the others here may be able to answer.


Hi, I wanna share some medical-tech related article here. But I think it's not appropriate to star a new thread. Then I think I'd better reply in my thread.

According to an article from Intel,2012 , there are more and more hospital embracing medical computing system. The reason is that this system can provide accurate data and remote control for hospital staff which allows them take care of patients much properly and accurately.

Here goes a part of the article:
Healthcare providers are relying more and more on computers to access medical data such as electronic patient records. A good example of this is where healthcare practitioners are utilizing mobile pointof-care (MPoC) solutions to improve nurse/doctor workflows throughout the hospital. By permitting nurses and doctors to access clinical information systems at the patient bedside in real-time, MPoC solutions can facilitate better nurse/doctor workflows. This in turn has positive impact on patient care and potentially can reduce the length of hospital stays. Medical Clinical Assistants (MCA) and other tablet devices are also being added to the healthcare practitioner toolbox, leading to the widespread computerization of the hospital and helping to improve patient treatment.

After one year, there’s a study about the same topic. It seem this system has proved itself. I think this’s not only a trend in medical industry, but also a good news for all of us!

Here is the study:
Overall, given the degree of adoption of these computerized systems in the U.S. in 2008, medication errors decreased by 12.5% overall. That meant that during a 1-year period there were an estimated 17.4 million fewer errors, the researchers reported online in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.
"The Institute of Medicine estimates that at least a quarter of all medication-related injuries are preventable, and recommends electronic prescribing through a computerized provider order entry system as one way to reduce medication errors and patient harm," Radley and colleagues observed.
These systems typically provide support with alerts for drug dosages and interactions and guidance on clinical decision-making, but their actual impact on medication errors has not been fully determined.
Therefore, the researchers conducted a two-part analysis that included a systematic review of the literature to compare error rates with and without the computerized systems….
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