Honda and ISO / TS 16949 - AIAG, ANFIA, FIEV, JAMA, SMMT and VDA


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Honda and ISO / TS 16949

It is my understanding from a conversation last night that Honda has 'suggested' to a supplier that they will soon embrace (if that's the correct word to use) TS 16949.

Has anyone else heard this?


I have heard that Honda and Toyota have said they will embrace TS16949 once the second edition to ISO9001:2000 is released. I heard that at the ISO9001:2000 "convention" in Florida last I'm assuming it is fairly accurate.

Terry Annas


Back in July I was told by Volkswagon that they are accepting registration to VDA6.1 or TS16949.

Kevin Mader

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I haven't heard either, but I would be surprised if Honda or Toyota did/do endorse it. I don't see what they would stand to gain from doing so. I would be interested to know what would/did cause them to endorse it.



:frust: Does anybody have any information regarding Honda, VW, Nissan "embracing" TS


Volkswagen definately accepts registration to TS16949, we had them in here and they quite happy we had registered to TS.
I am trying to get some kind feedback from Honda, and will let everyone know as soon as I hear something.


I just attended a Quality Manager's Meeting held for all our divisions and our registrar did a quick presentation on TS16949-2002.
He stated that JAMA (Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association) has accepted TS16949-2002.

This includes Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and many more.

If I hear or learn more, I'll let you all know.

Sidney Vianna

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February 02 IATF communique'

It is true that JAMA is announcincing their support, but individual Japanese Automotive Manufacturers were not listed in the last IATF communique' available at - Link Was: /iatfpr/Comfeb.htm

IATF Communiqué – February, 2002
In 1999 the International Automotive Task force (IATF) announced the launch of a global quality management system requirement based on ISO/TS 16949. Since then, the scheme has experienced continual growth. Currently it includes 46 contracted certification bodies with over 1500 certificates issued, controlled by five IATF oversight offices. In addition, a total of 751 auditors have thus far completed the IATF qualification and are now certified to conduct audits in a globally consistent application of the requirements.

We have now completed the next goal; to deliver a harmonised quality management system requirements document for the automotive industry, based on ISO 9001:2000. The resulting document, ISO/TS 16949:2002, will be released in March 2002. Certification to this technical specification will provide global recognition for supplier sourcing across this industry.

The revisions in this document include adoption of the process approach requirements of ISO9001:2000, feedback from ISO/TS16949:1999 and related experience, and the contribution of other participants including the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.(JAMA) and members of ISO/TC176.

Going forward, ISO/TS 16949:2002 and the related updated IATF recognition scheme will be launched in the second quarter of 2002 and continue to be supported by:

· Common automotive scheme rules for certification bodies to conform with, in order to provide certification to ISO/TS 16949:2002 that will be recognised by all IATF participating organisations and others who may subscribe.

· Common third party auditor qualifications for the automotive scheme.

· Monitoring and oversight of certification activities by IATF to ensure global consistency and effectiveness of both the requirements and the certification scheme.

This communiqué is supported by the following vehicle manufacturers :

BMW Group, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat Auto, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault SA and Volkswagen.

It is also supported by the following trade associations :


Also, interesting to know that a very active US Registrar name that was in the previous list as an applicant to perform TS-16949 audits is not present anymore. Wonder what happened . . .
:confused: :ko:

Shaun Daly

I work for a second/first tier SME Injection moulder.

Theres a big push from our customers to get TS16949 accreditation ASAP.

Our customers, and my firm, are all ultimately owned/part owned by Toyota.


Honda and TS

Honda has required compliance to ISO-9001:2000 by 15 December 2003. This means that a third party needs to audit your organisation to determine compliance. :eek: They have not said anything about ISO/TS-16949. Toyota has no requirement to meet ISO/TS or any other standard. They have their own and you need to meet that if you supply to Toyota. That's my $.02. Now for a question. The IATF stated in rollout sessions that Nissan will require REGISTRATION to ISO/TS-16949 by December 2003!! :eek: :eek: . I have contacted several people at Nissan and they no idea of this requirement and some of them have never heard of the standard at all. What is the deal?
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