Honda Audits - Does anyone have any experience with the QAV audit?

I've been through GM and Ford audits but not Honda.. Does anyone have any experience with the QAV audit? Our quality is top notch but from what I hear Honda is tough. Just looking for any examples of something you thought you had but failed when it came to the audit... Not sure if this is the right place for this but thought I'd ask.
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I used to work in Supplier Quality at Honda. We were thorough. However, we have standardized the type of information we were seeking, and we are not trying to surprise Suppliers. Ask your Honda Contact for a copy of the audit checklist they would be using as a baseline. If I recall correctly, there may be a template of the checklist in the Supplier Quality Manual, or on the Honda Supply Team website.

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Here is Honda's QAV-1 self assessment, they will ask for you to do prior to there QAV-1 audit, its been my experience in the past that if you supply Honda with parts and your report card is not good, then you are on notice and are having to go through a QAV-1 audit. they have a QAV audit team that comes to your plant and does the audit, word of advice, DO NOT fill the self audit out thinking your "quality is top notch" because there purpose is to knock it down a few notches.


I have personally experienced HONDA QAV Audit, infact i was incharge of the QAV Audit conducted at my company by Honda. They dive into minute/ minor details which a person cannot expect they can go into such details. They always kept their vendors on the move.
I have also gone through QAV-2 audit of Honda at my company. QAV-2 audit is done in 5 step. Each step has it purpose.
QAV-2 (Step-1= For System Assessment)
QAV-2 (step-2= MCP verification and preparation check
QAV-2 )Step-3= Dan lot prepartion check
QAV-2 (Step-4=Qaulity Preparation check
QAV-2 step-5 is done to check mass production readiness at vendor end.
All check sheet related documents are on my blog article
Its all come under APQPP process of New Product Development.
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