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Re: I told you so

energy said:

".....Do your own thing. Do not wait for congratulations or kudos. There is always a better way, according to some. Don't even ask them. Go for it. You're on the right track.:) :ko: :smokin:

Well my friend 2 fridays ago I was in such a good mood about FINALLY getting these documents together that I bragged. Just a quick YIPPEE to my friends swimmin' in the cove. I can't believe we are on the 3rd page with 40 responses to this.

You just never know what you start when you post here.


Bruce Epstein

Hooray for me too

Rather than start another bragging thread, I'll just commandeer this one...

I'm proud to announce the fact that our ISO9001 certification audit was passed last week with flying colors! Just 5 minor NCs (3 of which were so trivial that they've already been corrected and in my opinion didn't even deserve to be mentioned).

This is in an organization that was downright allergic to procedures and documentation when we started this effort 18 months ago...

Granted, I was able to leverage a great deal from my division's parent company -- I'm more than happy to share the credit -- although getting a French division to accept US procedures was non-trivial as well...

Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to boast. :cool:


Michael T

Anything but bored!!

skullsike said:

9001:2000 cert. now under the belt

Now Im getting bored!:smokin:
Congrats!!! and say a few prayers for me.... We start our transition audit on Monday. This afternoon I was informed we have a customer that wants to.... hmmm... let me rephrase that... will be conducting an audit on Friday.... :rolleyes: As if I don't have enough on my plate... :eek:

Enjoy the peace!!! I can't wait for Turkey Day!!!!



Michael T

It's almost over!!

*whew* :D

ISO-9001:2000 transition audit is now history!! We've passed our audit and are recommended for registration to the new standard. :smokin:

Now, if I could only relax... but alas - we have a customer audit happening tomorrow morning. :confused: :bonk:

I'm waiting for all this bordom everyone keeps talking about... :ko:

I am really going to need Thursday and Friday off....


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