Hoshin Planning (Hoshin Kanri) - A system of planning and deployment


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Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 18:59:17 -0400
Subject: Hoshin Planning - Summary

Thanks for everyone's response. To serve and share with the list, You find the consolidated responses below. I hope it helps someone else, as well as me.

Robert Drensek
Quality Engineer

R. King, "Hoshin Planning: The Developmental Approach"i Methuen. MA; Goal/QPC Publishers, 1969.

Dr. Witcher and I co-manage a internet forum addressing issues on "hoshin kanri". Information on the forum is found on the following URL
Dead link --> http://www.mailbase.ac.uk/lists/hoshin-kanri

and the following URL leads to other sources of information, including listing of reading materials on the topic itself.
Dead link --> http://www.mgt.uea.ac.uk/research/hoshin/hkbiblio.htm

1) It is a while since I did a literature search myself on this subject, but when I did, the best book that I found was: "Hoshin Kanri: Policy Deployment for Successful TQM" by Yoji Akao, Editor. Productivity Press. (207 pages) This is detailed and authoritative, with a many examples and illustrations drawn from real-life companies.

2) If you want a simple but accurate introduction to the subject (e.g. for instructional purposes), you can obtain an article on our website. Dead link --> http://www.dhutton.com/visitors.html I hope that this helps.

Total Quality Engineering (www.tqe.com) have a very good software application of Hoshin Kanri in easy way instead to use a lot of forms as original Japanese Method. This software is calling Hoshin planing and they have a downloadble free trial software of about 12 Mb, valid for 30 days. You will need to have available Winzip and Access installed in your PC to run this worth Demo.

Adittionally TQE have a Hoshin Handbook with a brief details about this method.

The ASQ have 2 good books too:
"Policy Deployment" . The TQM approach to long range planning - Bruce M.Sheridan
"Management by Policy" - Brendan Collins & E. Huge


Koshin Planning

I am looking for information on Hoshin planning. This is a Toyota requirement. Has anyone heard of it?

Rick Goodson

Hoshin Planning is one of the titles commonly used in the Western world to describe Hoshin Kanri. This is a system of planning and deployment which evolved in Japan from Management by Objectives (MBO) and now used around the world by many companies.

Hoshin Kanri involves every part of an organization: first in selecting and defining a small number of key corporate goals; and then in contributing to the accomplishment of these. It is one of the pillars of Total Quality Control as practised in Japan, and similar approaches have been developed by a number of the Western companies which are pioneers in the field of quality management. In a sense, it is a form of Strategic Plannning as we know it. Here is a couple of websites that may be helpful:

Dead link: dizzy.library.arizona.edu/library/teams/slrp/syllabus/hoshin.html
Dead link: mijuno.larc.nasa.gov/dfc/hp.html



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Some of our Senior Management executives are looking at this Hoshin approach. Any words of wisdom?


Randy Stewart

The last place I worked implemented the Hoshin philosophy. It was the first time that I have seen the equipment operators know how they affected the companys' goals and targets. It really helped getting the company aligned and moving in the same direction.

Not only were goals set, but during each review (monthly), a resource management review was conducted. This ensured that each Director and Manager had proper resources to accomplish their tasks. Additionally, by having the monthly reviews, no one was allowed to get too far behind.

When I started at TDM we were at about $15 - 20 million a year in sales. Last year they did close to $90 million! It wasn't all Hoshin, but the hoshin principles assisted in achieving the goals that Ford set up.
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