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Hospital IT expectations for connected medical device using WIFI

Our company makes a battery-operated bedside monitoring device. It optionally connects (over LAN) to the hospital PDMS (EMR, EHR, HIS, etc.) using HL7 to periodically transmit data collected. The current connection is with a standard Ethernet cable to an integral RJ45 port.

We are considering adding a WIFI option as an alternative to the wired connection and as such have the following questions:
  1. Must we support both 2.4 and 5GHz or is 2.4 enough? What do hospitals need/expect?
  2. What communication protocols must we support to meet hospitals’ needs (e.g., 802.11b, g, n, ac…)?
  3. What security protocols must we have in place? WPA? WPA2? Security certificates? 802.11i? others?
  4. What must we do now? I.E., what is the level that hospitals actually support or are likely to support/require in the relative near term?
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