Hot Plate Welded Plastic Strength Validation

Danny Hoover

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Does anyone have any experience with hot plate welding?
I have a new part that is made by hot plate welding 2 pieces of plastic on the edges and interior ribs.
I am attempting to validate the strength of the weld and am having a hard time finding any baseline specifications for a DT.
I am going to have a pull test done to create a baseline measurement of the strength but am having a hard time finding any documentation except assembled part specs.. The assembled part will be tested as part of a door assembly and I have those specs, but they are mainly looking at the force it takes to pull the part from the door(screw boss strength)
We are a Tier 2 supplier, just got these parts and test request.


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What does DT mean?

I do not have experience with hot plate welding, but do with ultrasonic welding, so the testing issues should be similar. In general, the complexities of part geometry make fixturing the part for testing problematic, which in turn has a big impact on results.

We took the approach of sectioning the part in multiple locations and checking for correct fusion of the material. If you have straight sections within the part, you might cut a standard size section of the weld and pull test the section.


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Is DT Dynamic Tear?

It's hard to comment without seeing exactly what it is you need to test, but is there any possibility of testing an unwelded part, using that as a baseline and expressing the result of the welded part as a percentage of the unwelded part?
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