How can 5S (Five S) purify our mind? Concentration and calm in our mind and mood?



How can 5S purify our mind?

Someone said that doing the 5S activity can help us purify our mind. 5S activity gives us concentration and calm in our mind and mood. Please tell us your experiences.:agree:


You bet it does.Try applying 5s to all that paper on your desktop.Result -you end up trashing 80%and delegating the remaing 20%.What better receipe to PEACE OF MIND!!!



Peace of mind? You betcha!! A sloppy environment is directly proportional to sloppy performance, period. What better peace of mind than to be able to know where something is, all time and know it's in clean and operable condition. When I see a messy facility, I immediately question how effective their system is and my instincts haven’t failed yet. Show me tidy working environment and I’ll show you better output. Be gone with the pigs!!!!:bigwave:


The better workplace is the goal of 5S activities.

The better workplace, better environment of the workplace is the goal of the 5S activities.

While doing the activities can we make our minds clean. Can we concentrate only the work we are doing. Can we point our mind to the one point, doing that work. Our mind is in the present, not in the past or in the future.

While you are seperating the good thing from the bad thing in seiri, can you identify what is good, wha is bad.

While you are placing thing into a proper place of thing, can you put your mind in the right place, right thinking.

While you are cleaning the area, the thing, can you dispose dirty thinking from you mind.

Keeping doing, Keeping practicing the Seiri, Seiton and Seiso till it is your habit. Keeping seperating good and bad, put your mind in the right place and right thinking and dispose bad thinking from your mind until they are your habit.

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