How can an individual become certified to be a QS 9000 or TS16949 Auditor?


Sara Lynn

How can an individual become certified to be a QS 9000 or TS16949 Auditor? Is there a training course? If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it.

Craig H.


Try the GA Tech seminar.

I have not had their lead auditor course, but the others I have had have been excellent. A lady I work with took the ISO 9000:1994 lead auditor class and was very happy with it.

Not only do you have to take the class and pass a test, you also have to have some experience auditing to get a certificate.

Good luck!!



What do you want to do?

Quick question, what type of auditing do you want to do? If it is internal auditing, there are lots of sources around. If you want to audit for a registrar, you must attend special classes. More than likely you will not be able to be qualified to 3rd party audit without being sponsored by a qualified registrar. For QS you are probably out of luck because QS is dying and qualifying training will probably be hard to find. For TS, most registrars are scrambling to get their auditors IATF qualified, so unless you are a current auditor for them, then the waiting list might be a long one.

Second quick question: What is your current status? If you are already a RAB certified auditor, then you might find the going easier, if not the first step might be to attend lead auditor training and become certified by RAB.

Hope that helps.

Craig H.

Yes, Dave, I jumped the gun a little, assuming Sara wanted to be a certified auditor for a registrar.

Good catch.



You can check out the CEEM classes for Auditor training. I took and passed my auditor examination last September.

I learned a lot and it helped me qualify myself to train our internal auditors.
Go to and check out their schedule. The class isn't cheap, around $1,700.00.
By the way, I don't work for these guys, although what I learned, I have for the duration of this standard.
I never really liked the auditing part of my job and now I am much more at ease with the auditing aspects of our standard.

Hope I can help.


Sara Lynn


Thank you all very much, this information has been most helpful. Looks like I might have a long road ahead. I am currently working with a company that actually does staffing, consulting, FMEA suficiency reviews and implementation etc. Plus we have a software product, that's mostly my part. I am currently in sales. In my few years working in the automotive industry and familiarizing myself with the current standards, I just find it really interesting and something I would like to pursue on a personal level. However, based on the information you have given me, I know for a fact I couldn't come up with that kind of money any time soon. But the next 3 years will come weather I do it or not. The question I have to ask myself is what have I done in those three years. I think I would like to say I accomplished something.


Is there such a thing as TL9000 lead auditor examination? If one pass the ISO9001:2000 lead auditor examination must one sit for the TL9000 exam to qualify as TL9000 lead auditor?
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