How can I do the Red Bead Experiment? Hotel Industry



Can anybody tell me how I can conduct "THE RED BEAD EXPERIMENT"making it significant for demonstration in the hotel industry,as part of a Quality Awareness drive

Kevin Mader

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There are many Red Bead Kits available and many come with a video tape demonstration. I have a version of Dr. Deming doing the experiment in the early 90's but prefer a tape he did for the Deming Library (20+ tape) where he appears more involved. I am also aware of a tape produced by Steven Prevette that is about an hour long that can be purchased through him (contact me if you are interested in this one).

As Jim points out, many folks from the manufacturing world can easily identify with the Red Beads but some Service industry folks may find it confusing. A consultant friend of mine does a presentation with marbles that is tailored towards the service industry that is excellent. Unfortunately, no video or kits yet.

Either way, the Red Bead experiment is simple enough for most anyone to understand, especially when it is played out in front of folks. There are many lessons to the Red Beads and despite having been part of the experiment a half dozen times, there are always new things to learn.




How to use the RED BEAD Game

Information about using the RED BEAD Game Experiment is available on the Internet at

Also do a Google Search

Happy to answer specific questions.

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