How Can I Improve Our Company's Corrective Action System?


VickiC - 2006

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I am attempting to make improvements to our company's corrective action system. Basically, I am soliciting opinions as to what you think of classifying a CAR (corrective action request) in the "old" Major or Minor categories. One additional category I am very serious about adding to our corrective action formal system is areas of "Opportunity for Improvement". This is to help capture those activities that really should happen, but seem to get lost bec there is not an effective tracking method to closure. It's the Major vs. Minor concept that bugs me these days. I used to have that set up at a previous company that depending on the classification, the priority level changes. Any thoughts?


On our formal internal audit reports we report any recommendations of "Opportunity for Improvement". But you are right in saying that they seem to get lost after a time. You have a good idea on making it a "formal" corrective action request. These opportunities could also be classified as "improvement recommendations" and brought up at management reviews for a more formal discussion and possible action assignment.

Douglas E. Purdy

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How About Management Directives Instead


I have tended to treat OFIs as Preventive Actions, and I do not issue them unless the Management Team concurrs that action needs to be taken. Besides Corrective & Preventive actions I also define Management Directives that are documented and tracked via Management Team Meetings, but do not have to go through the same documentation and process flow as CPARs. Just a thought!

VickiC - 2006

I have decided that this formal method for tracking OFI's on a CAR form will be only for those OFI's of great significance and potential for strong impact. Plus, I want to ensure that an OFI entered into the corrective action system is qualified and agreed upon by quality AND the responsible individuals. In the past, I have experienced too many CARs being opened for unqualified issues that such a large amount accumulates and becomes overwhelming. I hope to avoid that this time.

VickiC - 2006

Thanks Douglas. I, too, see OFI's as preventive activity. At my company, the Quality Reps I am designating as authorities are given the authority to make these types of decisions in our corrective action system. Quality Managers are always informed of what is going on, resolve conflicts, and have final closing responsibility for a CAR. What I like about the OFI's being included in the corrective action tracking system is that the centralized maintenance is easier. From my database, I can separate the OFI's from the true corrective actions. But your point is well taken!
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