How do I issue/word a CAR for a past employee's failures?


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The comments indicate that we've chewed this one pretty well - my two coppers worth:

It's very common for somebody who has left an organization to be blamed for issues, whether or not it was their doing. It's almost a default for an org without ironclad checks and balances. True root causes for those usually involve weak systems, as indicated above.

And an employee escaping or being repelled from the org is not corrective action, but correction at best.

Perhaps regular inventories of RMA material should be part of the process.


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I was once told that u can never put a person down as a root cause. The system is allowing a person to make mistakes, hide stuff etc.
It was an auditor who told me that someone, somewhere kept making the the same mistakes even after improvements were made.
So they fired him. The customer was not satisfied with the solution because of the first described. The system makes it possible for these things to occur.

But i have to admit, these are difficult situations where you need to find the right wording/cause etc. for acceptance.
Luckily, i have not been in this position.

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As I - and others here - have written many times the operator is almost never the ‘root cause’ or actionable cause for which corrective action can occur that will prevent the future occurrence of the problem. In this case the operative phrase is almost never. Of course there are incidents of deliberate sabotage or complete incompetence. Usually the later rather than the former…I’ve seen the former in mostly salaried people; engineers, managers, supervisors etc. I have had to fire or been involved in the firing or a direct witness to about 1 person a year committing deliberate acts and they were fired. None the less in most of these cases there were also actions to detect this type of person before they could commit harm or to make the actions more difficult to commit. The salaried incompetence is tougher as people will tend to protect their own at that level…
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