How Do I Put a Little Life into the Internal Audit Report to Management?



I give a quarterly report (spreadsheet) to managment on the internal audit results: findings, dept/elem audited etc.
I would like to put a little life into the Internal Audit Report.
Does anybody have a presentation that keeps the audience awake?


Fully vaccinated are you?
I can't say off hand that I have anything to keep people awake other than coffee.

How detailed is your report? Do you discuss all of it or only the major issues?

barb butrym

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talk to the hot issues using $$$$$/time wasted or saved ...that keeps them awake..or find the hot spots and tease them so they wait for the details


I generally cover the major issues and any changes or concerns that need to be communicated.

John C

Make sure that the CEO attends the meeting. Present your n/c findings in terms of loss of productivity or loss of customer satisfaction (it's always one or other, or both). Initiate a debate to identify the primary causes and solutions. Ask the responsible managers to take the action items.
rgds, John C


unlike in you personal life, in the industrial envioment, EVERY mistake costs money. Every one! Stress that in you reporting.

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