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My name is Gadhgadhi riadh I'm a mechanical engineer from Tunisia and I m occuping the quality manager post in an americain company wich is called Automotive Components tunisia.

we attend in the end of april 2003 to be certified with the ISO TS 16 949.

my problem is how with what shall I start. and can I have some sampels of manuel and procedure to get an idea.

all your proposition are welkomed


Dear Gadhgadhi riadh,

Is your company certified for ISO or QS? If yes, then your company shouldn't have too much trouble converting to TS. There are seminars available that speak directly to upgrading from ISO or QS to TS.

If not, then there is a lot of work ahead. IMO, the first thing to do is get the TS16949 standard and the quality system assessment checklist. These two books will give you the demands of TS and the evidence needed. And you should take a seminar for TS. This should be a great help to you.

Just off the top of my head, your company needs some basic quality management system tools that you would described in your quality manual such as: work instructions, overall company policies, a system to track calibrations of your measurement devices, a system for tracking job training, some statistical process control, a process map that describes your processes, corrective/preventive action format, etc.

But be aware that there is much more to TS than that!!! These were the basic things that my company looked at to begin the process of earning TS certification. We began in July 2002 and are planning to be certified by the end of 2003. We are diligently working toward that goal.

Good luck! :bigwave:



Having gone through a TS2 registration audit, the item that should be near the top of your list is to have a well-defined map of your process linkages in the form an interaction diagram. It can be based on the ISO9001:2000 "plan-do-check-act" diagram but needs to be tailored to your operations. Once this is outlined, you can build supporting procedures around it, taking into consideration the 7 required documents. You will likely find that 7 are not enough, so include procedures that will help your organization understand your business/quality model. Much of the direction of your registration audit and your internal audit program will be based on how you defined your process interactions, so plan this step well. Hope this helps.

Manoj Mathur

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Dear Gadhgadhi riadh,

As you know well start is cosidered as half done. Hence if you start now you proceed in a structured fashion. Documentation is not as important as the Implementation, Unless you don't implement the System it will be remained as a piece of paper. So try to implement the Procedures or the Process in your plant. Say for example, take the process of Control of Non Conforming product (This is an essential Process which you need to document) Whatever you document it it must match the standard requirements that is first and second thing Whatever you are writting It must be truly implemented at shop floor.
My intention is If you really Implementing the proceess there must not be any Non conforming product should allow to mix with conforming product. There are several ways , one may use color code to seperate NC products, one may choose to use a tag ,one may separate through destruction of NC. But Dear Gadhgadhi riadh, you should see that YOU MUST Comply the one or another for the NC. Similarily , you need to comply all the element. Documentation is not a big issue, I can straight away mail you all the procedures and Documentation But You have to ensure that in whatever way you have written YOU MUST COMPLY on shop floor and in all areans.


Manoj Mathur
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