How do we document a department name change?


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How do we document a department name change? We have at minimum 16 different documents, all in the same folder, that we will have to change the name of the department on. I would assume that I do not need to complete 16+ different "Document Change Request Form"s to keep this ISO 9001:2008 compliant?

I assume that I am making this more complicated than it needs to be, but I would appreciate some input please.

Thanks in advance.
Just a bit fuzzy on what you mean here, but I am guessing your documented procedures refer to a specific department? And now there is a new name for that department? I inherited something like this and eliminated the issue by not writing departmentalized plans but 'system plans' that included several departments. For example, we have a 'production control plan' which includes all processes in shipping, production, special processes, maintenance, etc. Basically everyone involved in production falls under it. A modification to a department name would simply be one minor revision to the plan.


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Just an idea, document the name change on your corrective action\opportunity for improvement form and follow it up like a corrective action to make sure the change was effective.

Another suggestion - all CAR\PAR\OFI follow ups: add them to the internal audit schedule.


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If you have a doc control procedure, make sure you allow yourself the flexibility to make certain, specified changes without rev control. These include: correcting typos, changing company name/logo, department names, etc. Don't include anything that actually changes the process or responsibilities.
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