How do we make a Pull System if operations are in different buildings?



Very good.
I suggest that you adopt the Kanban technology includes P-Kanban and T-Kanban. P-Kanban means production Kanban exists in the processes. T-Kanban means transportation Kanban exists in transportation between different area. Then you set up a supermarket near the production lines.
Secure the space, set the shelves, and create the supermarket as close to the processes as possible without constraining operator motion or supervisor visibility. Identify which assembly processes need waterspider support. Remember, pulling one kit at a time, paced to takt time, is the principle.


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what happened next? Would William explain whether he got the things under control? Was he able to make a "Model-cell" here to demonstrate LEAN?

If so, How he did it? Let him share his experience!

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