How do you define Preventive Action Items in the Manufacturing Sector?


Al Dyer


I would designate the action as a continuous improvement project.


Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
I agree with Al. Continuous Improvement. But I can see where you mind is taking you and have to agree that it can be twisted a bit to be preventive in nature. But my first impression is that it is a CI.

Keep in mind that the fact you are taking some kind of action is the most important factor and it is a step in the right direction.



Fire Girl

"Preventive Actions are actually quite different from Corrective Actions. Every time you do a Corrective Action that responds to a specific incident then it is
and remains a Corrective Action, even if you decide to have a long term portion to the Corrective Action. Below are definitions of both Corrective and Preventive:

Corrective Action: Action taken to eliminate the cause of nonconformities
in order to prevent recurrence.

Preventive Action: Action taken to eliminate the causes of potential
nonconformities in order to prevent their occurrence.

Preventive Actions are typically generated through trend analysis of processes and product related issues. They can also come about from benchmarking and hypothetical situations that you have thought of but have
not yet happened.

Preventive Actions can also be demonstrated in applications like error proofing."

This quote has been brought to you by my registrar. We had a disagreement about this very thing so I asked for clarification.

I issue preventive actions when I see a trend in my NCR's or I see something that has the potential to be elevated to a more serious problem.

So that's my view.

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
Fire Girl,

Thanks for your contribution! Did your registrar mention anything about measuring effectiveness?

To the group: how do you measure something you prevent? How do you know the actions taken to prevent an occurrence are effective?



Dan Larsen

If the action is taken in response to a trend, then the measure would be a reduction in the trend. Outside of that, I must admit it becomes difficult.

Personally, I think the whole corrective/preventive argument has become rather muddied. To me, continuous improvement and preventive action are rather synonomous. As a company improves, trend indicators improve.

My gut feeling is that the next step in the quality arena will be to move PA from the CA clause and roll it into CI. Evolution is a wonderful thing!
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