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How do you record your Nonconforming product? Batch production of staged processes


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Hello fellows,

How do you detect and isolate your Nonconforming product ?

--->Specially speaking in a batch production of a staged processes.

There's a public scenario used , is that when operator detects a failure related to a former section ( process) the operator goes to the QC to inform about the NC product and QC records it. Since each section could easily inform about former section's defects rather than his own.
The physical defects are kept and archived in the QC room for reference /backward control/analysis..etc.

This year I was thinking to change this scenario:
1st scenario: each section would register his own NCs' and QC then check data for analysis..etc. (But not sure how accurate and reliable would this be)
2nd scenario: each section would register former section's NCs' and QC then check data for analysis..etc.

The point is I want to make NCs' registration and recording process easier and faster for both productions and QC , also for data to reflect an actual and reliable information about NCs'.

I would appreciate to hear your experiences,

Thank you
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