How do you select the right grips for your tensile tests?


ADMET Applications Eng
A material testing machine can only be used to its full capacity if the right grips or fixtures are used. With all the options available, choosing the right accessories for a specific testing application can be more complicated than you think. Common issues experienced with grips include specimen slippage, specimen break at grip faces, gripping samples with non-standard shapes.

Grips and fixtures are primarily categorized by two important factors: the type of testing that they will be used for and their capacity. It is important to avoid overloading the grips as this may damage not only your grips but also the load cell and the machine frame. This post focuses on grips used for tensile testing and guides the reader through the steps in determining the right tensile grips for their testing.

Titles include:
1- Grip design
2- Grip faces (jaws)
3- Grip capacity
4- Specimen material and geometry and their impact
5- Mounting grips to different testing machines

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