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How far an operator can reach into a machine before it becomes an ergonomic problem


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Are there any standards that define how far an operator can reach into a machine before it becomes a problem ergonomically. I have looked at a lot of standards including the below but can't seem to come across anything definitive that gives an exact figure or range.

Involved in a project where an operator will be reaching into a machine approximately every 30s to remove waste. Distance from access point to waste pickup point is approx 533mm. We are proposing using a suction tool to aid in removing the waste which in turn should bring down this 533mm distance.



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Thanks for that tip, might have been using an incorrect search term. What I was able to gather from EN 547-1 was grip reaches but they seem a bit excessive to me to be ergonomically comfortable, 820mm for the 95th percentile. Maybe this is just the max distance that one can reach in and disregards ergonomics altogether.

Also came across forearm reach info in EN 547-2 but again it doesn't specify if this is a defined figure for max reach into a machine or not.



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Minus the ergonomics bit what are the physical dangers from reaching into the machine itself? Could it be designed out or as you say a suction or grabber tool used replacing somebody reaching into the machinery. Speaking from my own HS experience its better to remove the option of any body part going into a machine if there is potential risk. Funny story related to this many years ago before I became HS qualified a bloke who I worked with stopped me reaching into some machinery to clear a blockage, in typical layman's terms he asked me if I would put my d**k in there I said no chance, so don't put your hands in was his reply. Its a strange rule of thumb but one I have lived by ever since :D


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Ya, have heard that comparison used myself and it is a good rule of thumb (or d"*k) . In this case, we are purposely building a manual line and this is unavoidable.
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