How far do you commute to work?



35.6 Miles each way, fortunately it's a reverse commute which means I usually get to see traffic standing still on the opposite side of the highway while I enjoy an often calm 40 minute highway drive. In a way it's almost nice, as the 40 minutes gives you some time to fully wake up, plan the day, or just relax.


15 miles (or 26 km) each way. It takes me about 30 minutes each way. Those of you up in my area of the world (Toronto) this is only when I use the 407 toll highway. If I don't use it, it is at least 50 minutes usually more.

I do wish I was closer. Was less than 3 km at a previous job - it was great! Took me 2 turns and less than 5 minutes to get in!


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What is the longest commute you ever did? (Another question). I add this because I've done a lot of different jobs over my lifetime. Of course there were jobs like Motorola where I was commuting by airplane, but road wise I've done some shorties (Xetron-Westinghouse some years back was 2 miles) and some longies (Was living with my now 'ex' just north of Philly in Lansdale and commuted to Tamaqua, PA which, if I remember correctly, was about 60 miles one way (ICI Explosives was the company I was working for). Up the North-East Extension (I-476), veer west by-passing Allentown, and hit old road up to Tamaqua in the mountains. The 'old road' (route 309) was just beautiful and I enjoyed that part of the drive even when it snowed. But the part on the North-East Extension was maddening.). I did that for a year.

I did a year back in 1991 and then again in 2002-3 to Sidney, OH which is about 75 miles one way (yup - every day). Sidney was relatively easy in the sense that it was all expressway with the only significant traffic being going through Dayton, OH.

I have been doing what the article talks about for years. I would negotiate to come in early - Like 6.30 or 7 am - And then leave early unless the day went into overtime.


2.2 miles one way, takes about 15 minutes winding through neighborhoods and hopefully missing the school buses.


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This is my longest....20.2 one way, but I've been consistently in that range since 1990. 18-20 miles. Far enough away to let me leave work at work and get into my mommy mode on the drive home.


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9 miles round trip.
Sure beats the 27 miles each way I was doing for my last job.


Currently travel 3.7 miles, approx. 5 min.,and go across a lake. Some beautiful sunrises over the lake sometimes.

Longest was only 17 miles when I worked in Indiana.
Shortest was 0.7 when I worked in Michigan

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My current commute is about 24 miles and 30 to 35 minutes. The main drawback is it's over a fairly high mountain (for PA) and winter drives can be treacherous. It's also murder on brake life.

My longest commute was when I lived in New Hampshire and commuted to an office in Acton, MA - 75 miles 1 way. However, I was a field engineer for an industrial gas company with a company car and was usually in the office 1 or 2 days a week. Often catching it on Monday before driving off to a customer and or on Friday coming back from a customer. I did average over 50,000 miles a year for the company in the company car.

Shortest was when I lived in Marietta, Ohio. My commute to work was just under 5 miles and about 10 minutes.


Shortest was when I lived in Marietta, Ohio. My commute to work was just under 5 miles and about 10 minutes.

I worked in Marietta, Ohio from 1992 thru 1997. Was a QM at RJF, formerly BF Goodrich. Lived out side of town near Barlow.
When were you there Kevin?
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