How far do you commute to work?


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Mine is 2.5 miles and I do it on a bike (the pedalling kind) Every morning I am normally out of the door around 8.40am - 10-15min cycle and I am in work before 9.00am. I am lucky!!! :D

NO traffic either, as I can ride through a military firing range. I say "through" I actually mean around the perimeter, so all in all it is a quick safe route into work. Plus some mornings, like this morning the range looks amazingly beautiful! Vast expanses heathered scrub backed by lush pine trees!

However back in my University days, I enrolled with the University of Luton and then could not live there in the end, so instead of quitting I actually communted a 140mile round trip everyday which was a combination of the M3, M25 and M1, which is not a nice route first thing in the morning or last thing on a Friday!!!!

Swagg - 2009

50.5 miles 60 minutes in the monring and 75 minutes in the afternoon.


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18 miles one way. It takes about 30 minutes in the summer and 40 when schools on. There's no major highway that goes from where I live to where I work. I drive mostly town side roads which is ok except when there's a good snowfall and all the plows are out on the main roads. :mg:


28 miles one way. I'm lucky having a straight shot to US 31 which takes me within 5 miles of work. Most of the way is light in the morning with the exception of US 31. Takes about 35 min. in the morning and 45 in the evening.

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17 miles each way. Without traffic, it's 25 minutes door-to-door. Usually 30 minutes in the afternoon going home. Mostly (14 miles) insterstate - from a southern suburb to west side of Salt Lake City.

Longest has been 30 miles when we lived in the Kansas City area - about 40 minutes each way.

Bill Ryan - 2007

My new job has me currently commuting 65 miles each way. Takes about an hour - about 50 miles of interstate and the final 15 miles are nice county trunks. Makes me appreciate the weekends even more than I used to ;)

Britman - 2012

Currently 8 miles each way, about 20 Mins in morning, 35 Mins afternoon, some take the bike, 48 mins morning, 35 - 40 afternoon (sometimes quicker than the car) - more down hill on way home.

Shortest every - cross the road :D


10 miles for home base office. 2 days a week
Wilmington is 40 miles or so. maybe 1 day a week
Orange is 84 miles. 2 or 3 days a week

all are each way

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SteelMaiden said:
Far enough away to let me leave work at work and get into my mommy mode on the drive home.

Round trip for me is under 20 miles. It takes about 20 minutes in the morning and about 30 minutes in the evening. IMO that's just the right amount of time to get out of and into Mommy mode.


How Far: Approximatly 30 miles
How Long: 30 minutes by train plus a 15 minute walk.
How Bad: Not too bad if the trains are on schedule. When I have to drive it really stinks.
Out the door at 6:45 AM. Does not really have much of an impact on my day.:cool:

I used to have a job with a similar distance except I had to drive everyday. It took at least 1 hour in the car for "good" traffic. I got stuck a few times with a 3 hour commute (one way).:mad:
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