How far do you commute to work?

Currently 5-6 miles each direction.
It takes me 15 to 30 minutes on the bike depending on the weather and route: summer/winter and road/cross country. By car it takes 10-15 minutes, and if I add the walk from the parking lot I really don't save any time at all by driving.



I drive about 29 miles each way on curvy, hilly, deer infested roads and it takes 35 to 40 min.

Howard Lee

It's 11.5 miles from my home to work. Last year I rode a bicycle every day. It took about 45 minutes. I drive now in about 15.
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Gail Former - 2008

49.8 miles from my driveway to my usual parking spot. Takes just short of an hour even though 45.8 of those miles are highway/expressway miles (I drive 55 - and drive the truckers nuts). Fortunately we have flex hours, so I generally leave for work at 4:30 am, leaving for home at 2:30 pm. That way I'm not feeding black sheep in the dark. Getting mugged by 40 sheep at midnight was not my idea of fun.

Longest commute was 60 miles, shortest was 1 mile.



Right now (if I'm not going to a client's) it is about 30 miles and just about an hour (mostly dirt roads). Most of my clients are within 50 miles and a bit over an hour, but I did have one client where I had a daily commute of 150 miles (only lasted two weeks before the project was complete).

The longest was about 50 miles took about 1.5 to 2 hrs (normal variation).


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The Company moved our entire department some years ago increasing my commute from 8 miles to 40 each way. Luckily I am driving the opposite way of most others as I live in the city and commute out of it. The view is sometimes nice when I get to the farm fields, but mostly I see fast food places and auto dealerships.

It takes ~50 min in the morning, and 1 hour 15 min in the afternoon. I've had plenty of time to listen to every CD I own, as well as some large audio books!

I feel a little silly driving so long... thinking about finding something in town. Maybe then I can take the bus!
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Anthony Houghton

Mines a short one nowadays. I cycle about 2 miles. Door to door in about 7 minutes.

My longest was a 10 mile - but 1 1/2 hour - commute into central London. Public transport was a drag so I dropped it and started cycling. The time dropped to 50 minutes and I got a darn sight fitter.

You may notice the time/speed differences there. Try keeping up full sprint for 10 miles - I'm not that fit!


I live 6 miles from work. It takes either 10 minutes or one hour to get here. 10 minutes if I come straight to work or one hour if I stop to swim or fish in the Gulf.


Pazuzu - 2009

It is precisely 21.0 kms (12.6 mi) from my driveway to my parking stall driving my regular route therefore 42 kms (25.2 mi) per day. This is of course assuming this is the most direct route (which using google maps I believe it is) and assuming that traffic/lights/geese etc... are not an obstacle it takes 23 to 27 minutes. With regular traffic about 30-35 minutes. However, this being Winnipeg, the capital of summertime road construction :mad:, I have taken over an hour one way at times.:frust:

The fastest I've made it was 17 minutes by burning around the perimeter highway at 130 kms/hr (78 mi/hr) during the night shift at 3 am...although it's about a 37 km (24 mi) trek.
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RG Ohidy

six miles each way. Ten minutes in the morning if I jump on the connector. 15 Minutes if I go thru the center of town.

In the afternoon its 20 minutes thru the center of town. Or, as I can't get back on the connect, my other option is 25 minutes, as I sit thru the series of lights by the shopping plaza, which has ruined our small little town. Prior to the plaza, it was ten mintues. So, 15 minutes sitting in traffic contributing to green house gases. gotta love it
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