How far do you commute to work?


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My commute is 35 miles along the coast road, so great sunrises and sunsets. It take about 45 minutes to drive to work (leaving at 6:30 am) and about an hour to drive home (leaving at 6:00 pm).

My last job in North London was a 14 mile commute that took 90 minutes in and 120 minutes out, stop start all the way.

I much prefer my commute now :)

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I used to live in Vadodara, India and work in a place called "Makarpura G.I.D.C." for more than five year. I used to cover 10 Miles in 30 minutes and longer sometimes due to traffic and road conditions.

Presently, I am at Houston, USA and here 20 miles one-way but with too much zigzagging. It usually takes between 40 minutes and more. Walk to bus stop 10 minutes. Wait for bus 10 minutes, bus to next stop 15 minutes. Walk 05 minutes. Wait for Next bus 05 minutes. Bus to near job 10 minutes. Walk to office 10 minutes. (P.S and there are days when I missed out to catch bus and I have to travel by booking the cab. This happens twice in a week :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:)

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Used to drive 60 km one way, taking 45 mins in the morning, 60 in the afternoon, by car.
Now it's about 45 mins both ways, public transport. And, weather permitting, including 20 minutes cycling to the metro (otherwise, bus to the metro). On the road, it would be about 14 km. Driving would be possible, but finding a parking spot in the city centre is not.
Well, for three days a week, I commute about 5 meters at the moment ;-)


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My commute is 8 miles which take around 25 minutes in the morning and around 30-40 minutes in the evening way back home.


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My first job out of college was my longest commute, 47 miles (1 hour) each way. I did that for eight years. I currently have one of my shortest commutes, 4.4 miles (10 minutes) each way. I much much MUCH prefer the shorter commutes.
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