How & how often to perform verification of Test Software of Automatic Test Equipment?


Juan Carlos Reyes


That somebody has ideas of how to perform
verification and re-checks to test software of Automatic test equipment?

How often we need to perform re-checks.

Reference:QS9000 element 4.11 General
secon Paragraph requirement.

Al Dyer

Start verification once per day and record results.

After results are verified daily move on to a weekly frequency and record the results.

Once the results are verified weekly move on to a monthly verification.

The idea is to verify the ongoing capability and revise frequencies based on the results of previoius studies.

Think of it as an ongoing thought process that can be verified by ongoing studies.


Atul Khandekar

I have a related question. I have developed a custom software package for doing MSA studies. Would this qualify as 'Test Software'? Recently I received a query from a customer which says:

" a part of our QS 9000 Requirement where test software are used as suitable forms of inspection/ results, they shall be checked to prove that they are capable of verifying the acceptability of product during the production, or servicing and shall be rechecked at prescribed intervals. We expect you to establish the extent and frequency of such checks, give us the detailed calibration report alongwith the detailed calibration plan in the future and maintain records as evidence of control...."

Any ideas what should be done? What I generally do is enter the published data (eg. from the examples given in MSA manual) into the software and compare the results with published answers. Should this be done periodically??


Al Dyer

Your methodology is sound although I don't think I would use the MSA manual as the "sole" source of verification, it does have some errors. Verify a few different sets of published data and see if all the numbers crunch the right way.

We have choosen to put verification software in our calibration system to ensure they are not overlooked (i.e. frequency).

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