How long should it take to get new TS 16949 certificate?


Sean Kelley

We were approved for our TS certificate and I wanted to see how long does it take for others to actually receive their certificates. I have seen it take up to 6 months after approval and I believe the registrar is dragging their feet and blaming the IATF. I have cusotmers asking for it as the old one expires then middle of next month. I almost think they don't beliee me but i do have an email from the registrar I can share with them showing approval but that is a bit awkward.


This is a common issue that's not confined to your industry and it's something that should be agreed before choosing your registrar, rather than wondering how long it's going to take after you have made that decision.

Having said that, you are a customer and you should insist on getting your new certificate on time.
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