How many American banks are registered to ISO 9000?



ISO implementation Banks

Hello dear colleague!
Can someone help me with answer on my question: How many American banks are registered according ISO 900X standarts?
Can I have possibility to find the main names?

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Please, if possible, send answer to me.

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Alexander Sidorenko

Al Dyer


My only idea would be to access the ASQ site or possible the Quality Digest site and look in their registered company lists.



Thanks a lot, Al

I got demanding information. It's a grate help for me.

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Aaron Lupo

As far as I can tell the only Bank in the US that is ISO certified is Citi Corp. ( If I am wrong please correct me), there are numerous finincial institutions that are ISO certified. I worked in banking for 10 years both banks that I worked for (major banks) always preached quality, yet they had no written procedures, no training programs, no corrective action programs hell they didnt even have Quality department, kind of makes you wonder if they know the meaning of quality??

I have seen numerous banks in foreign countries that are certified.
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