How Many Companies Are TS 16949 Registered?


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According to World Preferred there are 67 registered to TS 16949
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From Entela's Recent News Letter

<center>The Future of QS-9000</center>

The Second edition of ISO/TS 16949 will be released in the first quarter of 2002. The Draft was submitted to ISO TC 176 for comments. The second edition is aligned with ISO 9001:2000 and has the same mapping, vocabulary and boxed text. The second edition also includes QS interpretations. <FONT COLOR="#990033">The Japanese Automotive Manufacturers Association participated</FONT> is (sic) the writing of the second edition of ISO / TS 16949 and <FONT COLOR="#990033">"expressed willingness"</FONT> to endorse it when released. <FONT COLOR="#000099">There will also be an automotive specific guidance supplement with the second edition.</FONT>

The timeline for release of the revised ISO / TS 16949 will be in line with that of ISO 9001:2000, December 31, 2002. The OEMs have several options:
  • Compliance Only
  • Continue to make optional, and encourage upgrades
  • A phase-in approach
  • Mandate TS for all suppliers with a fixed date.
There was no new announcement but we were told to "expect one by the end of 3rd quarter and definitely by year end."

See attachment.

The above chart shows how the OEM's are reducing the registration supply chain. The end result is with TS registration: There will be fewer inconsistencies with the Accreditation Bodies, Registrars, Auditors and Suppliers. By increasing the requirements for the Assessors and Registrars with TS, only the best performing Registrars have been invited to participate in TS registration.
Note: Emphasis (colour, bolding, etc.) is mine. The newsletter is plain text in B&W.



  • How Many Companies Are TS 16949 Registered?
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