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How many Elsmar Covers does it take to change a light bulb?

Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
How many Elsmar Covers does it take to change a light bulb?

  • 1 Cover to change the bulb
  • 3 to ask where is the requirement to change the bulb
  • 7 to state that they have 35 years of experience in changing light bulbs
  • 9 to mention that they have audited many light bulbs being changed
  • 6 to ask to see the copy of the flowchart for the light bulb changing process
  • 11 to offer that there is no value added in changing the bulb
  • another 9 to ask for a copy of the procedure for changing the light bulb
  • 3 will ask for the checklist used for changing the bulb
  • 6 will attest that the bulb did not need to be replaced
  • 9 will ask if we should change all the other light bulbs as a preventive action.
  • Randy to rant that the light bulb should screw itself in! :lol:


#3 217 to argue whether changing the bulb is corrective action or preventive action...;)


Super Moderator
Super Moderator
I don't think I've received training in this area...

And what about those of us who like to work in the dark? Ignorance is bliss sometimes.;)


Get Involved!!!
66, because I will be the one ensuring that the light bulb meets our ISO14001 requirements for environmental awareness:

"Is the light bulb an energy saving light bulb? and what effect will this light bulb have on our energy consumption?" :cool:

Steve McQuality

Quality Engineer
...and don't forget the root cause analysis as to why the light bulb failed in the first place! Maybe a supplier audit is in order - you know those light bulbs are mass produced. Maybe this is indicative of a Supplier Quality issue or a problem with your ISO QMS...

1) Is the supplier on the approved vendor list?
2) When's the last time you audited your light bulb supplier?
3) What's your incoming inspection procedure for light bulbs?

I think this light bulb failure is more indicative of a larger internal quality issue. Have you done Risk Analysis??? :truce:

...sorry, it must be Friday :lmao:

Tim Folkerts

Super Moderator
5 old-timers to recall that this same lightbulb had been changed four years ago, so we should check the archive for further insights

3 moderators to keep everyone on task.
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