How many processes and measurables have you identified



How many processes have you identified and have you identified process measurables for each process?
We have identified around 20 processes and 40 measurables.


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Apples and Oranges

In my opinion, the number of processes and the measures used will depend entirely upon the industry and the organization. A steel mill with 250 people will not necessarily have the same processes/measures as a web-design company with 2 people which will not necessarily be the same as those identified by a cd manufacturer with 75 people.

Using a stop-light colouring system, we have developed department specific key (performance) indicators or KI's. Each KI has a specified monthly goal. Annually, these KI's are reviewed and the goals are modified to demonstrate CI, forward thinking, and the drive to become World Class.

The number of KI's per department varies. My department (QA) will have 23 for 2003...we measure 23 items to help us evaluate the health of our Business Management System at a glance on a month-to-month and YTD basis. The various components of Production have their own KI's that are key to monitoring not only product conformance but process conformance.


Some of the measurables are
a) No. of concessions raised to customer
b) Time taken to launch a new product
c) No. of completed continuous improvement projects completed on time
d) Production norms vs actual production
e) Average time to respond to customer queries
f) No. of out of calibration reports raised
g) No. of PPAP's completed on time
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