How measurement, data and review all fit together


Greg Mack

Hi all,

A little while ago, I read a post that described how continuous improvement, measurement, planning, statistics and management review all fit together.

It was worded really well, and I can remember it slightly, but can anyone give me a hint to the post it was in or would like to have a go at describing it?

Thanks for the help.


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I don't know where to point you. I've seen the relationships described in a number of ways. I remember a powerpoint file which showed relationships whith the intersecting circles but can't find it on my computer and can't remember where I found it or saw it.

I can say that most of it is intuitive but appears complex. I know I get confused. But I believe this is in large part because of the nature of trying to link together parts and their relationships in a clear, graphical way (not to mention a text description like this).

Statisitistical techniques (which doesn't work for census evaluation) is analysis of data (measurements) from which decisions are made in management review and can be used for prediction (preventive action - continuous improvement) as well as reaction. Prediction also has to do with planning. You can't plan if you can't predict.

If you find where their interaction is described well (how they all fit together), do please come back to this thread and post it for us to know.

Greg Mack

Thanks for the reply Marc,

I have been searching the forums madly trying to find it. I will continue my search and let you all know if I find it.
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