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How should I analyze measurement correlation between me and customer?

Mike S.

An Early 'Cover'
Some of my favorite people "tend to challenge popular 'thinking' " . Indeed some of what passes for 'thinking' these days is downright scary to me. As we know it was once considered heretical thinking to say the earth was not the center of the universe.

Also, lots of people seem to try to make their living making things more difficult and more complicated. To me the smartest and most valuable people are those who can make the complex understandable and simplify things whenever possible.


A Sea of Statistics
Under the title of "how parts are measured"...typically in automotive field, (not knowing your particular part(s)), supplier and customer often have what is termed a QAF...Quality Acceptance Fixture. A fixture or measurement tool, that each party has and agreed to, used to resolve any discrepancies. The QAF, whatever for it takes is calibrated/validated/accepted as good by both parties around the time of contract award
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