How to Conduct a TS 16949 Internal Audit - Can I Use a Check List?



TS Audits

I'm preparing a TS audit of our facility but am unsure how to conduct it.
I have heard that checklists are not to be used.

How many have already had a TS audit?

How are the QS auditors performing the TS audits?

Help greatly appreciated!

Mike W

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We hve just completed the registration audit. The auditors used a checklist similar to the one endorsed by the IATF.
You can obtain thw IATF checklist from AIAG.



Did they spend alot of time on the floor or did they do a "QS" audit and look at the procedrues most of the time?


The manual was never present during the audit. Our adutior used two basic tools; customer oriented processes and their version of the IATF checklist. The checklist was used to verify compliance of each COP to TS2. Customer specific requirements and measures is stressed for each COP.

Note: Ford has revised their customer specific requirements. One change was to tighten up on the requirements for auditors.


what type of evidence are the auditors looking for to show process Validation?

What have the auditors asked for?


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Hi everybody.

Hope someone can help me out here, was going through specification and says: " only permited exclusions are for 7.3 ......"

What happens if i´m not a service supplier, do i still have to deal with service matters, or does it refer to post-delivery effects, such as scheduled or non scheduled visits,quarantine inspections, and things like that?

Thanks in advance!


Good Question!

What is the definition of service under the standard?

We use our own trucks to deliver parts to the customer. Is this servicing?

Mike W :eek:


May be this will clear this point. :confused:

7.2.1 Note 1 says " post delivery activities include any after sales product service provided as part of the customer contract or the P.O."

If my P.O. ´s say nothing about this. Still have I to adress this element?

Again Thanks in advance!

Billy :bigwave:


Initial Audit Days I.a.d.

Hi! Everybody

I was going trhough the rules for achieving IATF recognition and something stoke me out.

If I hold a QS-9000 certificate I.A.D. may be reduced by no more than 30%, which I hold.
If I´m a non-design responsible org. I.A.D. may be reduced by 15%, which I am.

Can I add this two percentages and be reduced up to 45% I.A.D.?
Does it depend on my CB or on the auditor?
Anyone in a similar situation?

Thanks in advance :bigwave:

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