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Hi all. I'm a relatively new landlord and I need your help.

My tenants (a couple) moved into my condo in MA a month and a half ago. They just told me they wanted pest control for bedbugs in the unit because one of them kept getting bites since moving in. They said they put their mattress in a protector, cleaning throughout, etc. but the situation didn't improve. They thought it was mosquito bites or allergies initially but it kept getting worse and worse. They haven't seen any bedbugs but they ran out of options.

This is a condo I recently purchased. I had a professional cleaning company clean the entire unit before the tenants moved in.

How should I approach this?


Id suggest root cause analysis before I spend any money on a guess. You could spend a lot of money on the wrong cause!


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Slow but effective.


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I had this issue back when I was a landlord in New England. Bottom line, some pest control methods and companies are better than others. And cleaning companies won't fix the problem unless they double as exterminators.

It isn't hard to figure out if you have bedbugs or not. Get a professional in there to look.

I paid one guy to eradicate the bedbugs and one month later they were back. That was when I went to a better, more expensive company that took no prisoners. After that, problem solved.

My advice is to get rid of them sooner rather than later. They do multiply. :mg:
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