How to Control Temporary Inspections

ISO 9001:2015 address change a lot, but one particular area my company and more specifically, department struggles with is controlling temporary inspections. My department is primarily final inspection, and we tend to be fairly fluid with adding inspections on the fly based on customer or internal feedback.

I'm trying to figure out how to control these inspections to be compliant but also ensure it's manageable. ISO 9001:2015 says "changes shall be carried out in a planned manner." The problem is, there isn't typically any planning. A problem is found, and the floor management tosses a temporary inspection on the conveyor line to help catch more defects. There is usually not a systemic approach like having training records, work instructions, data analysis, etc.

Has anyone here experienced this or had a situation where you had to control these types of changes? Obviously I'm going to get push-back, but I want a better method and be sure we are protected.


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FWIW, I would likely process this through the Corrective Action process.

The inspections are there because of a reported problem...
and (I choose to believe) you are looking into the root cause and fixing the root problem while the additional inspections are going on...

Sounds like a patch while looking for a real solution, then implementing the real solution so you don't need the patch anymore.
Stem to Stern, a Corrective Action...

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Has anyone here experienced this or had a situation where you had to control these types of changes?
Many organizations have something like a QUALITY ALERT process to react to recent problems and the quality alert tells the proper functions (e.g. Final Inspection) what to do to contain the nonconforming situation, how to report the results, feedback, how long are the additional verifications required, methods of additional verification, etc...


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I know a lot of people don't like document pyramid representations.... But this is something I made back in the 1990's to address "Ad Hoc" (temporary) documents - Tier 5.

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So, part of corrective action is containment. I haven't necessarily been looking at it from that stand point. We actually have a procedure for quick containment, but in truth, it's not always quick. Perhaps I should be following that to some degree. I just don't know how to make it fast and painless, because if I make them have to fill out forms or something, they won't do it.

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