How to Control Videos as part of the QMS Documented Procedures and Instructions



I intend to start to use videos for some of our more complex processes. We have a QMS SW system we like but I do not believe you can add videos - does anyone have any suggestions on how to control these? Thank you!
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Re: How to control videos

You can store them on a shared network drive which most people would only have read-only access. If one of them is updated, remove the old version. If you need them to be in your document control software, you can just have a document there with a link to the video file.



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If additional change control is necessary (as a read-only fileserver is still missing some form of audit trails and other protections), think of controlling the hash (e.g. MD5, SHA1) of the video file besides the other metadata of the file (e.g. author, changes, link (howste)).
This also works for other software files.
In the past I also controlled an actual copy (within a zip-file if extensions were not fully free) in doc control, even if it did not provide a viewing copy in the system, but remained extractable. Equivalence or true copy could be proven if necessary then.
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