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I just want a suggestion that about 2 weeks ago a consultant approached me for QA/QC job through linked In. I provided her my CV and sent a followup email after 4 days. She replied that she forwarded the CV to employer and she will send either positive or negative response when shortlist process will be done.

Now almost 10 days passed and she didn't contacted. Should i sent another email or what?


Ghulam Mustafa

Jen Kirley

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Good day Ghulam Mustafa,

I can offer that my considerable experience in job hunting has included hiring managers who perform to their own time frames, and provide no courtesy of feedback to applicants.

So I can offer my encouragement to contact the person. I think that sometimes this becomes one of the criteria indicating our interest. It seems as much anyway, as I have so often had so little else to "go on."

I hope this helps!

Wes Bucey

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I agree with Jennifer, especially since you are located in a country other than the USA.

I hope you were able to get enough information about the position so far that you can confirm you are interested in the industry, the location where you would work, and the salary range available.

A word of caution - assure yourself that you have full details of the recruiter (obviously freelance without a firm, exclusive contract or she would have identified the employer), especially her physical location, whether she is independent or works for a recognized and reputable firm of recruiters, PLUS her physical address and phone number.

She may merely be late responding to you because the company hasn't responded to her, yet. If that were so, she should have given you a timetable for the response and contacted you again when it wasn't forthcoming.

All candidates should keep the following firmly in mind when dealing with a recruiter from an agency:

This person stands to get paid up to 40% commission of the annual salary you will receive if the candidate gets hired by the employer. That should be incentive enough to keep the candidate in the loop. If not, time to go through Tips to get past the "gatekeeper" when job hunting and cut the ungrateful recruiter out of the picture.
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Thanks Jennifer and Wes Bucey for your precious suggestions. It will really help me to nail the situation.


Ghulam Mustafa
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