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How to determine all regulatory and statutory requirements to be met?


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Hello all

It has been some time since I posted to the forum. I've been lurking, and happy to see many familiar members are still active!

I'm working for a company that is building a machine. They are researching and pursuing compliance and guidance from the standards that apply, but I was wondering, how do we find out all the statutory and regulatory requirements that will "have jurisdiction" over the final product?

The product is basically a food preparation machine that cooks a product, like a large food processor.

Couple of questions...

What standards apply to the engineering and installation of electrical systems? All the motion is electrical stepper and servo motor, and a few pneumatic elements. It will have a single phase electrical feed as well as an air hookup.

Where will I find the requirements for things like breaker size, electrical box construction (like stainless steel vs. painted box, does it need a pocket for the electrical diagram inside the terminal cabinet, etc.), and requirements for e-stops and things like that?

How do you determine all of the standards and requirements that do/could/should apply to a machine build?
It is best to speak to companies such as UL/CSA/Intertek or others that are involved in certifying electrical equipment.

There are codes that must be respected. These companies can lead you to the correct standards that apply.


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Thank you for that reply. The company I work for has already contacted UL and NSF and a couple others that I believe have regulatory jurisdiction. Since I have experience implementing ISO 9001 I thought I would start putting together a QM and documentation, and I'm trying to take a second look at the work that has been already done.

For example, let's say you are building a machine to make cheetos-style snack foods from scratch and then vend them to the customer directly. Early on in the design process, you want to catalog all of the regulatory standards that will have jurisdiction. The answer certainly includes getting a professional who does this work to tell us, but I would like to be familiar with the standards myself.

What standards will apply to plugging this machine into the grid? Is it NFPA 70? NFPA 79?

Also, who certifies the compliance? ETL? others?


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So as I understand it, the NEC isn't binding unless mandated by regional law. How does this work for electrical equipment manufacturing?

Let's say I want to build an electric powered air compressor and sell 4 of them... do I need the plans to be signed off by a PE?

John Broomfield

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All 50 states have mandated compliance with the NEC as I understand.

The NEC itself will specify the controls and I suspect this includes approval by a state-recognized Professional Electrical Engineer.



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