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How to determine & document Organizational Knowledge of a company

Hi guys,
I am looking for documented temples for organizational knowledge . How to determined & documented organizational knowledge of a company in a document. Sample would be helpful.

Md.Shoyeb Mahmud
Sr.Executive (HR & Admin)

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Staff member
Good day Shoyeb,

I am wondering what you need a document for? The clause 7.1.6 does not require documentation.

That said, typical approaches are job descriptions (which are documented) and change management (which is usually documented and very often includes a training component).

Some people keep a matrix listing personnel on one axis and skills on the other axis. We can think of that as a "skills library" that can be referenced when changes prompt a review of available "talent" and help managers plan to fill gaps. Changes include organizational changes (a key member is leaving) as well as new products/services, expansion, new regulatory requirements, new customers also bringing requirements, and business strategy such as reducing costs of errors or waste.

I hope this helps!
Thank you, i really need to understand this NC: As per Clause No: 7.1.6, Pacific Quality Control Centre Ltd. (PQC) has not determined the organizational knowledge necessary for the operation of its processes and to achieve conformity of products and services. Can you explain what they exactly want.

Sidney Vianna

Post Responsibly
Staff member
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