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How to develop a Control Plan from a PFMEA (Process FMEA)


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Thanks Marc, the basics never really go out of style.....always good to review, as it is so critical to many industries.....The Cove Is Great!!! :applause:
Hi all,
I have question about column (Control method) in control plan.
If we have 100% inspection on workstation by operator after operation assembly and no records is correct description in control plan?
for example :
100% inspection on workstation by operator after operation assembly - no records

description "no records" is correct practic or not acceptance ?:confused:
However is good pratic put comends in CP " no records"?

Re: Develop Control plan from PFMEA: how to?

Thank you for the explanation, can you please send me the redacted version of a PFMEA -> Control Plan from your latest product?
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Captain Nice
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can you please send me the redacted version of a PFMEA -> Control Plan from your latest product?
What you need to do is use the Attachment List link and search for PFMEA for some examples.

Confidentiality issues will prevent most people from sharing documents such as FMEAs and control plans.
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I search also for a good guidance. APQP gives an idea. My interpretation:
- Develop the Process Flow Chart, based on the product characteristics (drawings, specifications).
- process variations of the product characteristics influence the performance of the product function, this could have a risk for the user. FMEA gives the answer, what’s the severity. FMEA gives also an answer, which process parameter have an influence (cause-effect Relation) to the product functions. Therefor you should have good controls for the process characteristics, sometimes, if this is not a suitable control the product characteristics have to be under control.
- CP list the process step no. and operation no. and the related controls. Add the measuring device, interval, instructions, reaction plan for emergency cases. CP is an extract of PFC and FMEA and less additional info. It’s more used for a fast overview, if all important characteristics have appropriate controls related to the risk. In my view the important point „risk“ is missing in CP, only the SC give a hint. What do you think, is my understanding right?
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Dear all,
To bring back to life this thread I have few questions related to Control Plan for Mass Production.
We have a process Automatic Cutting and Crimping and Control of Automatic Cutting and Crimping by Quality Inspector.
Product charateristic controlled by OPERATOR is Copper and Insulation Crimp Height/ Width and it is (Significant Characteristic)
Product charateristic controlled by QUALITY INSPECTOR is the same. In the control plan shall I also indicate as (Significat Characteristic) the Copper and Insulation Crimp Height/ Width controlled by the Q INSPECTOR or not ?

The product has been already produced by operator and it is more important this person who is producing it and measuring it to know that this characteristic is Significant. Afterwards the control by the quality inspector is also important, but the quality inspector is not directly related to producing the product.

In the PFMEA is given that product characteristic as SC and as you may predict there's no distinguishing between operator and inspector.

In my opinion either way is correct, but I'd like to hear the opinion of more people involved in this industry and with more experience.

I have attached two examples for better understanding.

Thank you in advance.


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