How to do R&R? Part has 31 characteristics, requires 3 gages & 2 operators



Measurement Analysis

Hello everyone. I am relatively new to Gage R&R and Measurement Analysis so I apologize if this question seems naive. I have been asked to perform a study and I am not sure what method I should use to go about it.

The parts being measured have 31 characteristics that are measured using 3 different gages and two operators. The issue has been raised to determine if measurements are accurate versus the machines producing parts out of spec.

Is there a method that I can use to get an overall anaylsis of the measurement system as a whole, or should I break it down somehow. I hope this is enough information to explain what I'm trying to do (I'm not even sure of what I'm trying to do yet). If anyone can offer any assistance or let me know where I can look I would be extremely grateful. If you need any more information let me know and I will gladly supply it. Thank you in advance for your help.


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I would look at each aspect and look for commonalities. There are a lot of possible variables but I assume, since you are using 3 instruments, that you are measuring 3 types of surfaces. Are you using 3 instruments or just 3 types of instruments? What are the instruments? I would be looking for a possible sub-set so you don't have to do studies on all 31 measurements but to do that you have to come up with a reasonable rationale.
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