How to Document Internal & External Communications - Suggestions/examples pls



Does anyone have any suggestions/examples on how to document internal & external communications?

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A small part of guidance offered in ISO/TS 9002:2016 concerning this:

Different communication methods are often required for different situations. More formal communication, such as reports, specifications, invoices or service level agreements, might be required for external relevant interested parties. For internal communication, methods such as daily contact, regular department meetings, briefing sessions, email or an intranet may be used. More formal methods such as written reports or job specifications could also be required for internal communication, depending on the nature of the information and how critical the issues are that need to be communicated.

For people struggling with understanding of ISO 9001:2015, they should consider purchasing a copy of the ISO/TS 9002:2016 guidance document.


Thanks. I'm looking into 7.4 Communication for IATF. I guess my question is is how detailed do you we need to be? In the course of a week, there are numerous communications made. Also, when it says "determine" I am assuming that also mean "documents", right?


when it says "determine" I am assuming that also mean "documents", right?
No the standard is saying that you determine what types of communication are relevant to the quality management system. So other than addressing this requirement in your quality manual, no other procedure, work instruction of record is required.

Note: Customer communications is addressed by Clause 8.2.1

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