How to evaluate the Detection Ranking of a new Design Control



How to evaluate the detection ranking of a Design control that You have never perform before.
I have found this problem with many designer.
They maybe in front of new Technology assign an high occurrence and you don't know how detectable is your control.
Which is the most correct way to do?
AIAG and ANFIA assign a detection ranking based on some definition of type of test to be performed.
So I know the type I assign the number the rank. It seems that they give for granted if the test is effective or not.
There are others that give the Detection value based on how detectable the test is.
So in this case I should give an high value of detection first, and than after a reviews of test results ican understand of effective the design control is and assign a new value.
The same that happen with occurrence (on new product).
I give a big value at first and then after results reviewing of some tests that simulate the condition I can bring it down.
Am I right?


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I think this approach is spot on, provided the justification to change the ranking after completion of the test is based on facts and not on subjective terms. Myth has it that detection ranking will never change without a change in detection methodology. Many people including some External auditors, I come across, subscribe to this myth while putting the intent of FMEA on the back-burner.
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