How to exclusion element, of TS2 requirements?

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Chalermpon Tepracha

:confused: Was can our organization be exclude clause product design skills. Because our organization not applicable to product design. But in the scope of Technical Specification TS2, at 1.2 for application its permitted exclusion within clause 7.3 only. And for clause Service agreement with customer too, our organization not applicable for servicing.


Same situation here;

if you have excluded 7.3 product design, you dont have to meet design training reqmts. beging with :"where there is" this is not a mandadory statement..



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I agree with Galcantar. You don't claim an exclusion, you just explain that they don't apply to your organization.


If you refer to the IATF guidance it mentioned that except clause 7.3, you may identify as non-applicability - occur the condition where the process exist but is not currently applicable. Means that you have the training process but not applicable to design skill.

Chalermpon Tepracha

:D Thanks for everyone,

My understood was I should identified non-applicable on Quality Manual.
Such as: Our quality system have the training process but not applicable to design skill and on exist business process no have service agreement with customer. It was completed evidence to compliance with requirement.

Can its correct?



"You don't claim an exclusion, you just explain that they don't apply to your organization."

Agreed. But IMO assessor can mix up with Non applicable and exclusion terms can´t he? I mean I´ve read about several CB´s having problems with clauses interpretations or even asking for things they (assessor) want to see.

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look at this thread also.

Also look at the bottom of the page and there are links as shown.

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