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How to guess when the standard gets harmonised?




Could anyone help me with the following questions:

Is the timeline for harmonisation of the standard by EU Commission connected in anyway to the standard's date of publication or date of withdrawal? Or is there any way otherwise to guess when the standard becomes harmonised?

We have a device to which EN ISO 15197 is applicable. There is an old harmonised version of this standard (EN ISO 15197:2003) and a new version (EN ISO 15197:2013) not yet harmonised. The new version has d.o.p. May 2013 and d.o.w. November 2016. The question is - around what time can we expect the new version to get harmonised? Can it theoretically happen any day since d.o.p.? Or any day since d.o.w.?

I have another question as well:
Do i understand correctly that when the new version of the standard becomes harmonised (gets published in the official journal of the EU), the older version stops providing the presumption of conformity right away?
Or is there any transition period?

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Ronen E

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As far as I understand, a published standard can be (technically) harmonized any day after its DoP. I'm not sure what you mean by DoW - withdrawal of the superseded standard? If so, I would expect harmonization to occur prior to that DoW, however we've already witnessed "gaps" in harmonization, where (for all sorts of reasons) for a period no standard was harmonized for a certain area.

To your last question - normally when a harmonized standard is superseded in the OJ, the OJ record states the last date for the superseded standard to provide presumption of conformity. Usually there is some transition (overlap) period.



Hi Ronen, Thank you very much for your reply!

(Yes, by d.o.w. I meant date by which all national standards conflicting with this version shall be withdrwan)
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