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How to Identify and Evaluate Environmental Aspects and Impacts



Hello covers,

I am searching for an appropriate tool to evaluate the environmental aspects.
It is related to EMAS standard - the European environmental standard (comparable to 14001 requirements).

We have created a table already with the impacts and aspects and the influence of legal requirements. We have also considered direct and indirect impacts from our companies processes.

In a preaudit contact, the auditor adviced us to find a better solution.

Has anyone a good idea?

QMarc :confused:


Well, we made an excelsheet with all aspects (air pollution, chemicals, energy, waste etc.) in the column and for every topic the legal requirements, an evaluation (1 to 4) of direct and indirect impacts and the importance for interested parties.

He gave us the advice to be more process oriented ...

That´s the problem, we designed our process descriptions in accordance to our important aspects. So you see we have already made an evaluation of the aspects and impacts. What we want right now is an objective view on it.



Thanks for the example! I had a fast look on it. It seems to fit for our process design / company / aspects / auditor ... ;-)

Sounds like the auditor is telling you how to implement your system.
Yes, I already thought, he will do that. The auditor is very experienced and we have had a lot of discussions with him.
Because of last years audit, we decided this year to work on with our continous improvement the implementation of new 14001 and the environmental aspects :D .



Super Moderator
Why is the auditor making recommendations and giving advice? :confused:

It's your system and your process, do what is most effective and beneficial to you.


The auditor wants a good working strategic planning tool for our environmental programs and targets.

What do you think are the most important aspects to be considered for the programs? Yes, you are right - everything which costs a lot of money. So thats it.

In my first try I also added the financial aspect and I had a small table with all targets of the company (even quality and occupational health). He critized it to be too static ... so now we want to create a good working table.


tarheels4 - 2007

Just curious QMarc. Are you compensating the auditor to help you with the implementation of your environmental system?


QMarc said:
The auditor wants a good working strategic planning tool for our environmental programs and targets. QMarc
We just implemented a FMEA for the aspects. We had (2) 3rd party audits with (2) different auditors and they were reasonably impressed. I have attached a copy here. Use what you need - discard the rest.

I have removed the protection for the formulas and the RPN conditional formatting is highlighted at 40 or above.




Yes, I already thought about something like that :rolleyes:

Thanks for your solution, I will have a look on it..

I had a meeting with the boss today. He hisself asked me about the aspects evaluation - wow. It seems as if he has had a look to the auditors last year report.

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